About you & about me

Peace of mind for you, safety and fun for your most precious possession.

Who am I and what do I do?

I work mostly with Labradoodles (poodle mixes) currently, since that’s the breed I know best. I am also helping dog caretakes with foundational training. I’m really enjoying developing my knowledge and skills in these areas but also love learning about the variety of niche areas of training, specifically the intricacies like dogs training for getting their character traits benefitted for people with autism or ADHD (and all the other amazing jobs that dogs do. Dogs never fail to impress me!). I (Carolien Oosterhoff, 1967) work as a Senior Behavioral Trainer/coach for First-Time Dog Owners who are triggered by their ‘furry friend’ at HeartPepper. I know quite a lot about human behavior and I have been making that my job for 25 years as a consultant. I also work as a filmmaker at HeartPepper Filmmaking, I also write at Zinvolle Volzinnen, with a focus on Animal Welfare. One evening per week I still work as a freelance massage therapist at Corpus Rub and last but not least, I provide health care to vulnerable elderly people a few hours a week and occasionally work as a Pedagogical Employee at BSO’s.


I am the proud dog pawrent of Doodle Bobbie (28-08-2021). I’ve been unable to have children, and I dare say I truly know what motherly love feels like now. She gets the best food, plenty of exercise and play, brain games, and a comfy bed to rest in. Bobbie has her own cupboard, you get that, right? I adjust my life in order to make sure she’s also very well taken care of; I would have done the same if I’d had a child. I’m over the moon with her, and she’s the most precious, vulnerable soul in my life, whom I protect with everything I’ve got.

You are the best dog pawrent!

Because your dog means so much to you, you invest in your relationship with love. But you also recognize this:

  • Even though you always want the very best, you are also just a human being who doesn’t always have time to walk your dog;
  • You sometimes want to outsource the ‘long walk’, but you are critical about who to give your dog to. We’re talking about your family member, after all.

May be you wonder: Are they really careful that he doesn’t just walk away? Do they pay close attention to hot asphalt in the summer or road salt in the winter? Can we track where they are? Do we get photos? Are they well-trained dog professionals? Trust and high quality are important to you

Treat your dog with integrity according to HeartDogs’ definition: doing the right thing, even when no one is watching!

Integrity and animal love flow through our veins. You can watch us anytime, anywhere (even if you place a camera on your dog’s back!). It’s simple, really it is; we deeply care (very much) about animals, large and small, and we love the earth, people and nature very much. That is why we pick up your loved ones with climate-friendly transport, walk with a small pack of a maximum of 2 Doodles (being my dog and your dog if that’s a match or just your dog alone if that’s a better solution) in Amsterdam. 

It takes a village to raise a child dog!

If you think: this is me, and my dog: you are welcome. I work exclusively for dog owners in Amsterdam. Contact us for the possibilities and we will plan an intake and a trial walk. Your dog and I will then walk together for an hour, I will see how he/she reacts to me and to other dogs we encounter, so that I can estimate how comfortable he/she will be with me in the future. Without a trial walk you cannot get a subscription to the monthly walks. 

“It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”

John Grogan (author: Marley and me)

We are a dog walking service and provide other related services (like dog/human training, at HeartPepper). We exclusively focus on poodle mixes. The Terms and Conditions apply to every service or product you purchase from us. Please refer to the GDPR page.

See you soon!

Carolien Oosterhoff | Founder of HeartDogs & Bobbie

Opleiding & Diploma’s

  • Wheel of Consent ‘Like a Pro’, Betty Martin (2021)
  • Writer’s Course, Brigitte van Tuijl (2021)
  • VIP Business coaching, Brigitte van Tuijl (2020)
  • Optimize Me, Brian Johnson (2020-2021)
  • Wheel of Consent, Robyn Dalzen (2020)
  • Het Stemgilde, Jan Kortie (2019/2020)
  • Insights to Intimacy, Heart IQ Academy (2017)
  • Het Helende Verhaal, Phoenixopleidingen (2017)
  • Heart IQ Experience week, Heart IQ Academy (2017)
  • Moeder & Dochter – terug naar je vrouwelijke bron, Phoenixopleidingen (2015)
  • Scenarioschrijven, Schrijversvakschool, Amsterdam (2015)
  • Relaties als spiegel, Phoenixopleidingen (2014)
  • Op Verhaal Komen, Phoenixopleidingen (2014)
  • Ode an die Freude, Academie voor Stembevrijding, Amsterdam (2012-2014)
  • Tantra-opleiding, v/h Amalaya (Duitsland) (2012) – bestaat niet meer…
  • Camera College, Camera & Montage (2012)
  • Big Mission, Big Impact, Brigitte van Tuijl (2012)
  • 3-jarige: NLP, TA en Systemisch Werk – Phoenixopleidingen (2009-2012)
  • Overgave, vrouw en seksuele energie – Phoenixopleidingen (2009)
  • Omgaan met angst, woede en weerstand – Phoenixopleidingen (2008)
  • Parent Effectiveness Trainer, Thomas Gordon institute (2004)
  • Psychologie (2 ½ jaar) – UvA,  Amsterdam (2000)
  • Interviewtechnieken – Stichting Communicatie (1994)
  • Lerarenopleiding Engels – v/h Ubbo Emmius Groningen (1993)

Dog training

  • Grisha Stewart AcademyResource Guarding CEU 1.5 (2024)
  • Grisha Stewart AcademyEww, don’t eat that CEU: 2 CPDT 2 IAABC (2023)
  • Susan Garrett – Wag Nation member (2023 – 2024)
  • Suans Garrett – Home school The Dog (2023 – 2024)
  • Spirit Dog Training – Goodbye Leash Pulling van (2023 – certificaat).
  • Spirit Dog Training – Attention Booster van  (2023, certificaat)
  • Spirit Dog Training – Obedience van  (2023 – certificaat),
  • Melanie Monteiro – Dog CPR, First Aid + Safety – (2023)
  • Stressless Dogs – Stressless wandelen methode (2023)
  • Spirit DogtrainingObedience (2023)
  • Hondenschool De Gabber – Detectiewerk (2022)
  • Hondenschool De Gabber – Gevorderdenopleiding (2021)
  • Hondenschool De Gabber – Basisopleiding (2021)
  • Omnia Hondenschool – Puppycursus (2021)